Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...I'm sitting here eating Cheerios and drinking some cranberry-blueberry juice (nursing makes me hungry and thirsty). The kids are napping. Grammie is napping. Maybe I should be napping, but...I've never been a good napper, ask my mom. The guys are outside putting up the first of the siding. It's a beautiful Arizona winter day here in Flagstaff; the sky is bright blue, the air is relatively warm for Novemeber and there's an ever so slight breeze blowing that's making the wind chimes sound. Ahhh. So wonderful. Life is good. God is good. I feel so blessed!

Uh oh... I here noises. Sammy's up. I better post some pictures quick before the rest of them wake up. Now Livvy's up. They want juice and Cheerios too. OK, so now we all have Cheerios and juice and Sammy's siting on my lap (please forgive any typos, I can't see the keyboead or the screen very well anymore). Aaaaah. Now I here Ben crying. What happend to my nivce peaceful moment? Oh bother. Life is so wonderful. God is so good. I feel so blessed.

So, before I rescind my previosu statement and one of these little blessings start crying or whining, here are some pictures from this weekend. My paretns were up helping again and we got a lot of stuff done and had some fun too.

It's wrapped! WE're almost dried in, only siding and windows to go.

Us ladies emptied the Bleeker's Boxes and put all of our stuff in the attic and garage. The boxes are gone and our yard is free again.

First snow

We went to the Aquatic Center on MOnday

My boys

Grammie gave Pop-pop a haircut

Well... now it's time to go feed baby Ben. He's done being patient.

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The Phillips Family said...

Don't you love those moments of peace, if only they would last just a little bit longer! The house looks exciting! -Kelly