Friday, August 22, 2008

Let the Digging Begin

Well, a backhoe showed up this week. The kids, especially Sammy, thinks that having a "truck" in the side yard is the best thing ever! Mike, from our church, dug the hole for the new septic and the trenches for the new leach line on Monday. Then, the truck showed up on Tuesday with the new septic tank. Boy did Sammy love seeing that come in. Daniel, also from our church, laid the pipe for the tank and leach lines. The inspector will come Mon to clear everything and then all the dirt will get put back into the ground. Until then the kids are so loving the big mounds of dirt to climb and get absolutely dirty from head to toe it - fun, fun, fun!

Tom and Dad cleared the side of the house and set some markers for the addition. Next week Mike will come back and dig the footers. I'll post pictures when that happens.

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