Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Dig & More

Yesterday was a busy busy day. Daniel came back to finish putting in the septic tank and leach lines. Mike came back to fill in the trenches and holes from the septic system instilation and to dig out the footers for the addition. It was fun to watch him level out the back yard (although the kids are sad to see their mountains flattened) and to see him create the 30" deep trenches around the perimeter of the garage and new laundry/pantry.

Today, after a wonderful pancake breakfast at our neighbors Bob and Jane Cross's house, Tom and Bob set to work with shovels. They cleaned up the corners of the footers and dug out some other areas that Mike couldn't get to with the backhoe. Dad worked on tying in a new drainage line for the addition to the septic system. Of course there was plenty of pouring over the plans again and again and again (see picture of Tom) to make sure everything was just so. Even after all the careful review and planning there are always goof-ups and changes. The biggest change that Benji is recommending now is that we do a stem wall instead of a mono-pour. It'll save us money in concrete but take a little more time to construct since it'll be done in three phases. Oh well. Even though "time is money", we have time and not a lot of money...or something like that:).

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