Monday, May 11, 2015

Birthday Catch Up

I wish I could get back into the habit of blogging more often. I'm forgetting so much! But, the days are busy, life is full of ups and downs that require time to sort out before posting them permanently on a blog, and I guess I'm just done at the end of the day, no mental energy to write down the going-ons of life in the Cutlip household.

Today has been a long, sad, kinda stressful day...but I'll have to write about that later - I need processing time. Instead, I realized that I should write about the birthdays that have taken place this year so far that I have neglected.

Jenn ~ 40!
First, my 40th birthday was in January. 40. I know. It sounds kinda old, but I don't feel it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am 40, I do have experience to back up this age thing, I'm not just 25 anymore talking big with little or nothing to back it up...not that I have perfected anything, but I do have experience. And some of my experience, especially with parenting, has shown me that I certainly don't know as much as I thought I knew when we first started this journey. It's been humbling for sure. Only time, more time, will tell if what we're doing to raise these children will produce the fruit that we are hopefully are planting and cultivating.

Jon ~ 4!
Then in March Jon turned 4! He's quite the character this little guy. He's still a little on the short side, but both of my grandpas were short so I'm not concerned. Whatever he may lack in height, he makes up for in attitude. He's big on the inside - which, really, is where it counts. Although he has a big, Napoleon attitude, he's still very much a mom's boy. Throughout the day I am blessed with, "Mama, I love you," followed by a big hug.

As far as schooling goes, he can recognize most, if not all, of his ABC's and he likes to say things like, "I know what "dog" starts with. D!" I'm so thankful that it appears I will have an easier time teaching him to read than I am with Ben (Ben is definitely getting the hang of it, but it's been a slow process). Jon also likes to use big words like, fantastic and seriously. Hilarious!

Noah ~ 5!
Another year has passed without our little Noah. It's so hard to fathom that it's been 5 years...5 busy, hard, and yet very good years. Although I know that I wouldn't have Jon if we had Noah, I miss knowing that one little boy who's not with us.

I have learned over the years to keep expectations low for Noah's birthday. I remember one year I had such high hopes for a truly blessed, peaceful, sacred day of remembering. It was such a bust! Breakfast out turned into hungry, bickering children and one mama that just wanted to go back home. If I recall correctly, the day ended well, but I learned my lesson: it may be a special day, but we do have other living children, plan accordingly.

This year in the morning we went on a homeschooling field trip to a rock climbing gym. The kids had a blast and were nicely distracted and entertained. I tried to enjoy myself the best I could. I was just biding my time until I could be alone so that I could truly embrace the day - something else that I've learned, plan and press on until rest time when I know I can stop to think.

After Tom got off work, he grabbed some food and balloons on his way home (I think...honestly I can't remember what we did for dinner, I just know that I didn't cook). This year we wrote on the balloons with some window crayons that Jon got for his birthday. For the first time in 5 years, we didn't have a balloon pop when we were writing on them! Yeah!! We all headed out back and let them go. It was another good year, no balloons popped or got permanently stuck in trees.

Randomly, here are the kids at Easter...gotta love this life and these kids!

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