Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jon-Jon is 3!

This one seriously almost escaped me. Not that I've had an incredible amount of free time and just completely spaced blogging about Jon's birthday, but...I did kinda completely space blogging about Jon's birthday.  Whoops.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, Jon, my Little-Big-Man, and our most lovable Lil' Napoleon turned three at the end of March. I made him a yellow dinosaur cake because he loves the color yellow - he could care less about dinosaurs. 

Jon and his bestest friend Natalie.

Figuring out a present for Jon was a bit challenging. The kid doesn't really play with toys. He's very imaginative, very articulate, but toys just aren't his thing. As we were outside one day, I watched Jon scoot along on a trike, trying unsuccessfully to keep up with the big kids - his legs are too short for the pedals so it made for very slow going for the little guy.

Light-bulb moment! "The kid needs a bike!" I rallied the grandparents and we all chipped in to get Jon a yellow glider bike. He loves it! Though he's still not as fast as the big kids on their bikes, his glider bike has allowed him to pick-up some speed and at least feel like a big kid. And the second best thing about the bike - it can be passed down to Danner when he's bigger! Yeah!

Happy belated birthday my sweet little man!!

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