Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Danny Boy - Danner - Baby Dan

My baby,
Snuggle baby.
Time going way too fast -
One month, two, three, now four.

Oh baby, rolling baby -
Back to belly, belly to back.
Thumb-sucker baby.

I love to kiss those
Soft cheeks,
Milk-sticky cheeks.

I press my head close to his,
Round  and soft,
Peach fuzz head.

My baby,
hungry baby.
Chunky tuna, Wilbur piggy.
Lovely, squishy, fat thighs baby.

His warm, sweet baby breath
fills my being with peace.
My Danny Boy,
Danner, Baby Dan.

1 comment:

Buster's Mom said...

"Chunky tuna"...love it. He's the cutest tuna I've ever seen!