Saturday, February 8, 2014


Sammy: "We are all made of atoms" (speaking of the literal atoms).
Ben: "Yeh, and girls are made of Eves."


Mommy: "Knock, knock. Time to get up."
Livvy: "Hold on. This is important. Can I just finish this dream?"


Jon (coming into my bathroom): "Was I supposed to knock?"
Mommy: "Yes. If the door is closed you're supposed to knock."
Jon (leaves and shuts the door): "Knock, knock.  Can I come in?"


Sammy: "In my whole entire life I haven't yet killed a bunny." (obviously his goal in life)


Ben (regarding a crystal wine glass): "If this were covered in gold it'd be the Piston Cup."


A First:

All of our back seats are filled with children.  There's not a single opening for a friend.  But, the other day a friend wanted to come over to our house after ice skating.  Livvy was allowed for the first time to sit in the front seat beside me to accommodate her friend in the back.

She sat right down, feet able to touch the floor (which, in my mind, has been an unspoken rule about when a child can sit in the front).  Then she crossed her legs, propped her right arm on the door's arm rest, her left on the opposite arm rest and enjoyed the ride.

When I saw her sitting there I just smiled.  Here was my little girl, sitting next to me in the van, all grown-up like.  Just last week we put her in a forward-facing car-seat - I'm sure it was just last week.  Positive.

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