Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Memorial Day

7:00am  Sammy and Ben head outside to "find some bwirds."

7:45  Sammy and Ben are on the front porch racing caterpillars.
         Sammy: "Go, Sam! Go!"

8:00 Livvy, Sammy, and Ben have loaded the butterfly carrier with grass for their two caterpillars. Now they are swinging.  Jon is standing on a stool in the kitchen playing with a rubber band and learning that when you hold it in one hand, pull and let go with the other, that it snap back and hurts.

8:20 Breakfast - Cream of Wheat

8:45 Tom mows yard.  Children play in dirt.

9:15 Tom starts tilling the garden

10:00 Jon curls up in my chair, grabs my Bible and says, "Non-Non wead Bible."

12:15 The big kids are trying to build a cover for their fort - blankets and rugs are required.  Sammy comes in saying he needs some cloth to make a flag.  I oblige.

During this whole time with Jon mostly by my side I made homemade pop-tarts (I'm not sure I'll make them again.  It seems like a lot of work for a little reward), cinnamon swirl bread (2 loaves - 1 to take to Phoenix and one for the freezer), pizza dough (also to take to Phoenix to share with my mom's international women), and prepared the pork ribs for the night's dinner - cutting off the membrane, making the rub, and applying the rub (this is my first attempt at pork ribs, hopefully it's good).

1:00pm We all sit down for a light lunch of tea sandwiches, pickled eggs (my first attempt - I got the thumbs up from the honey), pickles, and an assortment of veggies with dip. Everybody dug in.

~~~Unfortunately I never finished this post.  It was fun to read what the kids were doing that day this past summer so I thought I'd share.  Maybe next Memorial Day I'll record the whole day.

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