Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is a reminder.  A reminder to myself mostly.  But maybe, just maybe, somebody else might need the reminder too.

These. These four children of mine. Are. In fact. Blessings.  
Remember.  Blessings.  God said so Himself.  I have seen and felt it for myself.  But, there are those days.  Days probably isn't correct. Honestly it's probably more like hours or, to be more fair, just moments when I don't feel so blessed and they certainly don't look or act very blessing-like (and since we're being completely honest, I'm sure I'm not blessing material either).

I need to forget the Legos scattered from one end of the game room to the other.  Forget the dirty clothes that are once again in piles on the floor.  Forget the ever increasing volume at the table.  Give up the desire for a clean floor (for more than the hours while they're in their beds sound asleep) or house.  Remind myself for the 100th time that one day the training to stop the whining and sibling bickering will one day pay off - just not today.

The house would be too quiet.  Too clean.  Too boring without them.

What would I do without them?  I would have plenty of time to myself, for sure.  But to what end.  A selfish fulfilling of my time.

I know that to be challenged in all these desires of mine is one of God's way of working on all my rough edges, my ungodliness.  To be truly like Him, we must be empty of ourselves.  Die to self, live for Him.

I know I'm more sensitive to all the annoying and intrusive things that these four little blessings do right now because I'm tired - big and tired with another little blessing.  Sometimes I question God's wisdom in handing us these blessings, but...  He really does know best.  I just need to remember that in those moments.

I don't want these kids to think that they are annoying burdens that I would rather not have around.  For sure I want them to see that they, like mommy, have areas in their lives that they are in desperate need of the forgiveness from their Savior.  But He is powerful to overcome and change us to be more like Him.  The gospel lived out in our home.  That's good stuff.

I want them to see themselves, like I should see myself, as gifts from God; put right here for His glory, working out our salvation.  They are joys in our lives.  Blessings from above.

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Anonymous said...

Similar sentiments this week! Nice read and nice reminders. They are incredible little gifts from God. Mine and yours!