Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's been a little tricky to blog these days.  Once the kids are in bed, my brain shuts down and I go into super veg mode.

I was going through my journal recently and came across some of the funny things the kids have said that I've taken the time to write down.  Because it doesn't require too much brain power on my part, I thought I'd take some time to share them.


To Me:
"Mom!  We saw 3 firetrucks just go by.  They might be coming this way.  We have to go find out!  We're going to be heroes of God!"

To Sammy:
"You're doing that thing that Daddy does.  He says, 'Yeh, that's nice,' but he's not really looking."

To Daddy:
"Guess who made this [naan] all by herself?  Me.  The only things about cooking I don't like is the clean up."

To Sammy:
"Hey Sam.  I've learned a little bit; to be more lady-like in public. But, ya know, at home I just act like myself."

To Discovery Day kids pretending to be the sea turtles that we just learned about:
"Okay.  Let's crawl out to lay eggs.  Oh!  We have to mate first.  How do we do that again?  Well, let's just put our heads together."   Obviously we have not had the birds and bees talk.  All in good time.

To Ben:
"Ben, I like you at this age because you still say I'm pretty."

To me:
L: "Jon's my baby.  You can have the new one."
M: "Are you sure that you won't want to have the new baby as your baby?"
L: "Hmmm."


To Livvy:
"Livvy!  Mom said you had to quicker up."

To me:
"No! We have FOUR boys!"

To Me (May 2011):
S: "How old is Noah?"
M: "Well. He went to heaven one year ago."
S: "No, I mean how old is he?"
M: " What do you mean?"
S: "Like, God can tell you you're adult and maybe then you are.  Or that you're 10 and you are."
M: "Maybe."

"Thank you that Mr Cross gets better, but if he goes to heaven he gets to see Noah".
- Mr Cross died in Nov of 2012.

To Me:
S: "Are there playgrounds in heaven?"
M: "I don't know. Maybe.  The Bible doesn't say.  But, it does say that there's mansions for us and the streets are paved with gold."
S: "Wow!  That'd be the best I 'py game ever!  I 'py something gold.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

To me while playing Lego airplanes:
"This is for the guy to sit and hand out the Bibles; and the people can come out and read them."

To me:
"Is 6 50's 300?"

"Thank you that I would feel better and that Jon would unload the silverware all by himself."

Ben sayings:

To me after singing him his nap song (2011):
"Ma, you sing like a girl."

To me after tucking him in bed (Oct 2011):
B: "Mom, would you pray 'bout Noah?"
M: I said a little about how we're thankful for Noah even though we didn't get to know him, and that we hope to see him in heaven with Jesus.
B (in a sad voice): "I never got to hold him."

"Dod, sank you Desus died on da tross".

B:  "Where's Desus?  Me no see Him."
M:  "He's in heaven.  But God is everywhere.  He sees us and hears us."
B:   "Me no see him."
M:  "Nope. We can't see him."
B:  "Me no like Desus."
M:  "He heard that."

B: "God can't see us right now."
M: "Yes, He can.  He can see all things."
B:  "Wow!  That's amazing!  He can even see tru da ceiling.  'Cause I can't even see da sky."

With arms tucked behind his head while lying in bed:
"Hope that I'm king when I drow up.  Den, I'd marry a beautiful princess.  Hope she's not an evil princess."

To me:
"Grammie and Pop Pop are weally nice.  'Day always bring us pwesents.  I never seen grandparents like dat."

B (sitting on my lap): "Sing me Rock-a-bye-baby."
M: "Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top..."
B: "What'd her do that for?  Her just killed da baby."
M: "Well...I guess it is kind of an awful lullaby."
B: "Yeh.  Her mean!"

To me in the car (1-24-13)
B: "When we going to have a baby?"
M: "Whenever God want to give us one.  Do you want a baby?"
B: "Yeah, for Livvy."
M: "Well, you can pray about it."
B: "Dear God, give us a baby please."

To me (3-12-13):
B: "Mom, I saw some fatness."
M: "What?"
B: "When you was talking.  I saw some fatness."
M: "I'm still not following."
B: "On your belly.  I saw some fatness.  Is that the baby?"
M (trying not to take it too critically): "Yes. It's the baby."

Praying (3-'13)
"Thank you for the baby in Mama's belly and I hope it doesn't die."


"No. No."

"I do it."

"I open."

"Non-Non (Jon-Jon) do it."

"Mama, watch!"
" 'ammy, watch!"

"Non-Non pray.  Desus.  Amen!"

Well, that's all for now.  I'm sure there'll be more in the months to come.

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Buster's Mom said...

My all time favorite may be the exchange between you and Ben that ends with you telling Ben "He heard that". Priceless!