Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dad Strikes Again

We officially finished the school room last year sometime.  We have loved the space for doing school work, office work, crafts, etc.  It is basically a second living room.

Originally we had two computer desks on opposite walls, one for me and one for Tom (the kids, of course, use either one).  They were functional but a bit awkward.

In steps my dad with an idea.  "What if...?"  It always starts with an idea and then step back and watch it blossom.  When the idea to build a double desk with shelves above and a bookcase on the side was mentioned back in March (I think), I really thought that it would be a long while before the project was completed.  I'm pretty sure it took a year, at least, for my dad to to go from idea to finished project of his"command center" - a round the room, triple computer desk, tv area, with filing cabinets, etc.  

My dad didn't waste anytime getting busy on designing and building our custom built-in bookcase with double desk.  It showed up two weekends ago, with some new flat screen monitors as a special bonus.

Don't you just love it!!  Now if I could just find/make the time to get it organized we could really be in business.  Does anybody need an over-sized principals desk, a computer desk, and/or a monitor or two?  Just let me know, it just so happens that we don't need them anymore.

Thanks Dad!  You did such a nice job!  I love the space!  I'm sure I'll never want for storage again, at least not for awhile;).  Luv you!

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Baker Family said...

I'm just glad that it's working out for you. Thanks for saying so. Love, Dad