Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jonathan - 10 Months

I write the most insightful, witty, deep and intelligent blogs...in my head...usually while I'm driving, changing a diaper, or while making lunch and teaching at the same time.  By the time I can actually sit down and blog, nothing.  My mind goes blank.  The only things that pop into my head are fragments of the day with no cohesive thoughts.

Like right now, I'm desperately trying to recall what Jonathan, my sweet little baby boy, is up to now...hmmm...

I'll start with the obvious, he is 10 months...well, he turned 10 months about 2 weeks ago, which kinda makes him closer to 11 months than 10, but...

He is crawling.  He figured it out about 3 weeks ago.  He loves to explore every hall, closet, and open every cabinet door.  Tonight he even tried climbing the stairs - he didn't get past the first one, but now he knows that it's there.  I'm going to really have to keep my eye on him.  I lose him repeatedly throughout the day - one minute he's in the kitchen and the next minute, gone.  I usually ask one of the big kids to go and locate Jon.

Let's see what else...He usually wakes up happily around 6:30am.  I go get get him and bring him back to bed with me to nurse. When I first pick him up, we snuggle cheek to cheek and sucks his thumb. So sweet!  Once we're curled up in bed, he makes this impatient breathy cough telling me hurry.

Speaking of nursing, my supply of domperidone is running out so I will probably only have another 2-1/2 to 3 months left (my milk goes away when my babies are around 6 weeks old, no matter what I do - and for the first two, I really tried everything to keep it -  nothing seems to work except domperidone).  I'm taking 3 a day right now, and am trying to plan ahead to see how I'm going to wean Jon and myself.  I'm really going to miss nursing.  It's such a sweet time.

We're working already on training Jon to "come".  A couple of nights ago after cleaning up from dinner, I called his name because I didn't see him anywhere.  I heard a little laugh coming from the school room so I walked over to the french doors and smiled at him.  I held out my hands to him and said, "Come to Mama," (for months now I've been saying that whenever I pick him up - I think it helps him to know what "Come" means before he can actually do it).  He looked at me and then started to crawl the opposite direction, somehow he got the idea in his head that I should chase him.  I don't mind playing chase with my kids, but when I say, "come," I expect them to come. 

In my normal voice I said, "No, no, Jonathan.  Mama said, 'come'".  He stopped, sat back down, and looked at me.  I could tell he was debating if he was going to obey or not (it starts so young).  He started to crawl the other direction, and again I told him, "No."  Thankfully, his desire to obey won out, this time, over his will to go elsewhere, and he crawled over to me.

I really like this age, the training.  It's easy.  It's clear-cut.  I feel so clueless when it comes to training the the grumpiness, whininess, fighting etc. of the big kids.  I'll take training a 10-month-old any day.

Anyway, that's all that I can think of for now.  My brain has been pushed to the max.

Here's my little handsome man:

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Karen B. said...

This is such a sweet age/time, isn't it? I'm sorry you have milk supply issues...I do, too, and am choking down nasty stuff to try and keep myself going. Awesome that you have made it this long, though!