Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jonathan - 7 Months

It seems that time is going by faster and faster.  I've heard it said, especially after having kids, that days are long, but the years fly by.  It is sooo true!  Livvy is almost 7 years old and Jonathan is 7 months old (and just because you may have forgotten - Sammy is 5 and Ben is 3).  How did I become the mom of 4 (5) kids?  It's crazy..fun, but still crazy.

Anyway, back to our little Jonathan.  He is still a very happy little baby.  He remains on the small side as far as weight goes (around the 5th percentile), but for length is around the 50th percentile.  He's sitting up very well but is making no attempts to crawl - which is fine with me.  It's nice to put him down and know where he is when I come back.  Soon enough he'll be getting into everything and then I'll really have to be in full-on training mode - I can wait!

For a week and a half he had a spell of not wanting to eat from a spoon - which is especially frustrating and unnerving when you're wanting the kid to put on some weight.  He's pincer grasp isn't quite ready for him to pick up all his food and he's little bowels aren't ready for table food.  I stooped to picking up peas, three at a time, with my fingers, and putting them into his mouth (yes, he'd open his mouth for peas in my fingers but not on a spoon).  Thankfully, about two mornings ago, he woke up and realized that his attempts at being a big boy were a little early and started eating from a spoon again.  Thank you!  Thank you!

Here's our sweet little guy - who I'm very bananas about:

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