Friday, January 7, 2011

Stoned and Fired

After many many months of debates regarding codes with the county, big messes, three different stone guys, one tired-of-the-waiting-and-mess housewife, and one very detailed and hard-working honey...our wood-burning stove is finally installed (as of Dec 11th, 2010...I'm a little behind on some blogging) and usable - not that we have a stack of wood to burn, mind you...Tom's been cutting up 2x4's from the wall that we just knocked out between the two downstairs bedrooms when we've wanted a little more warmth.  But it's done, yeah!!!!

Here's the entire process, as well as the final result:

I'm missing some key pictures of the stone being placed over the brick - per the county for our situation.

So, there you have it. 
Next project: the school room. 
Don't hold your breath, it might be awhile:).

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Brooke said...

We have something just like this in our old house. We just need a stove to go in that room and we would be all set!! Looks good! It was weird when we moved in because it is just random brick in the room with no stove and a hole in the wall....