Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well, after almost 2.5 years, we have flooring, and not the concrete kind! 

Tile was actually installed back in the end of August.  I had been waiting until I could get it really nice and clean until I took a picture of it.  Which is why, now three months later, I'm finally posting about it.  Not that I've been able to get them clean; the constant influx of construction dust has prevented me from getting it even remotely looking nice and clean for any length of time.  The times, two of them, that I've tried to mop the floors, I've managed only to smear around the dust.  I give up.  Maybe somebody (eh hem Mom, Mom C. :>) will have pity on me and give it a really good wipe down while we wait for the next dust creating construction project to get underway.

Last Monday the carpet was completed - the downstairs living room and the entire upstairs.  It is so nice to have something soft under our feet.  It has really made the place feel warm and ...well, livable, like a home. 

This past weekend with some help from my parents we moved beds and dressers upstairs and we all got to sleep upstairs for the first time.  It is so nice!!


Heather said...

Looking great! And I know the construction frustrations...we have that going on now!

Brooke said...

I love your floors!!! we renovated our kitchen and it took FOREVER!! I know how that feels!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Tiffani said...

Oh wow! That is looking really good!!! Way to go you all!