Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4 and 40

This is a little late in being posted, but...on Sept 24th Sammy turned 4 years old and on Sept 27th Tom turned 40!!  Happy Birthday to two of my favorite boys.  Crazy how it worked out this year that Tom is exactly 10 times Sammy's age.  Next year it won't be so; but this year 4 and 40!

On Saturday the 26th we had a party for Sammy and a surprise party for Tom.  The whole surprise aspect didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned - I had grander schemes that just didn't fit into the day. Again and again God is teaching me to let go of my hopes and dreams and accept His plans for me...without whining and complaining (isn't that what I tell the children all the time??  Guess it's a hard lesson to learn).

Despite my plans going slightly awry, the party was a success and everybody had a fun time. 

There were lots of kids - amazing because there was only three families excluding ours:
 - lots of food, and my best attempt at Spiderman cupcakes:

My sweet, tenacious, sensitive, stubborn, loving baby boy is growing up fast.

Before lunch: "Dear Jesus, Thank that we're here; thank you that everybody here. Thank you that Oma and Opa and Grammie and Pop-pop gonna come another day. Thank you that you gave us Jesus and angels to watch over us. Amen"

After falling down without crying: "Yeah, 'cause I'm tough like Daddy."

After doing 5 minutes of school, he gets out of his chair and heads outside. Right before he closes the door, he leans inside and says, "Hey mom, if you need me, I'll be outside."

My great, goofy, serious, adventurous, faith-filled husband is a gift from God.
For the last two years regarding the house: "It's all starting to come together now."
When something goes wrong with the house, "It's always something."
Talking to me about life, "God is good.  You've got to remember that."

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Coby said...

Happy Birthday to your guys! Those spiderman cupcakes ROCK! I can't make cupcakes to save my life, let alone spiderman ones. I can make yogurt, but not cupcakes. What the heck?