Sunday, August 22, 2010

Super Fun Friday!

On Friday the kids and I joined Sara and her girls on an outing to get tadpoles.  We drove out Walnut Canyon road, pulled into a little picnic area, hiked down a little hill, climbed over a barbed wire fence, hiked some more until we found the bike trail; followed the bike trail for an unknown amount of time, cut across a field to were there was a dirt road, hiked along that for a tiny little bit, crossed another field, and then ended up at this little water hole that was teeming with tadpoles (Sara had come with the girls and her parents the week before, so she knew the way. I'm pretty sure I couldn't find it again).

The kids had a blast catching tadpoles and playing in the water. My kids, of course, led the charge to not only play near the water's edge but to literally jump in and go for a swim. It was such a sweet time of fellowship for them and for me. It was the kind of time that builds bonds and creates lasting memories. Thanks Sara for such a fun adventure!!

Here's the kids, Ketter's first:
Ben and I.
Unfortunately we neglected to get a picture of Sara hiking with Naomi...sorry Sara.  Let's do it again just for the picture :).

And, here are Livvy and Sammy getting as wet as possible.

By the end, all the kids were wet.  We stripped them down to their skivvies and they hiked out.  They thought that that was the best thing ever.  Childhood innocence is so precious!

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