Thursday, June 24, 2010

Schultz Fire

I have a lot of back-blogging that I would like to do...but all of those require time, thought and lots of words. And since I don't have the time, thought or lots of words right now, here are some pictures of the Scultz fire that started on Sunday. So far it's burned at least 10,000 acres.

Sunday - Looking toward Timberline.

Sunday - A burst of fire.
YouTube Video of fire right before this photo.

Sunday - Smoke makes for beautiful sunsets.

Wednesday - Still smoldering and heading toward the Inner Basin...
which I just read that it and Locket Meadow are still intact.


Bree Wilson said...

I love the one with the sun coming through. Looks like God shining threw the darkness.....

I wanna see the pic from the bbq with all the kids.

IvyTrueValues said...

Praise God! All I saw was the fire and immediately thought it was your house. My heart dropped. I'm so glad it wasn't your house.

Your pix were fabulous :)