Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

So now you know, my sweet mild-mannered (like you would believe that) husband is really Superman...he's always been to me anyway. He had fun saving the world one home-bound patient at a time. Isn't he so studly!?!
On Friday night we got to work carving our four pumpkins. Livvy wanted a happy face with a shooting star. Sammy wanted a monster truck. We didn't ask Ben what he wanted. The big kids had fun scrapping the guts out of their pumpkins, while Ben enjoyed flinging pumpkin seeds around with a large metal spoon.

Here they are, the princess, her knight and the terrible dragon. They were told to stand still, smile and look at the camera...maybe they thought there were "or's" instead of "and's" in those commands, since obviously there was some form of miscommunication.

After trick-or-treating, we told the kids that now we could give candy out to other kids. They thought that that sounded like a great fun. As the waiting went from 5min to 15min, we decided to give the boys their bath. Livvy stayed glued to the window, watching for trick-or-treaters. I joined her in her sad vigil, we hummed a little made-up tune. Finally three little glow-sticks, beacons of hope, appeared to be coming across our front yard. It was trick-or-treaters! Livvy got so excited she could hardly contain herself. She looked at me with the biggest of smiles, "Mommy, I prayed for someone to come!" Livvy thought giving out candy was way better than trick-or-treating.
Here's Livvy and Sammy lining up all the candy to give out...hoping, hoping some more kids would come.


Mitchell Family said...

I love that Livvy prayed for trick-or-treaters and had the faith to believe they would come! The Lord must have smiled at that and urged some kids to head your way.

The Phillips Family said...

Tom actually makes a great Clark Kent! Very cool!