Friday, April 3, 2009

More Peeps

Last night we went back to Olsens' and got 8 more peeps, 4 Black Australorps and 4 Golden Laced Wyandottes. Everybody is getting along so far and the old ones didn't seem to mind the new ones. Hopefully they'll all stay friends and won't peck at each other. There's always the little occasional peck usually by one of the Ameraucanas or Orpingtons, which Livvy tells them, "No" for and then gives them a little tap on their bottoms. Very funny.

So I think our little brood is complete for now. They'll stay inside with us for another 4 weeks under the heat lamp. Then they'll be moved outside into their coop that Tom will build for them. Honestly I'm not sure how much work these hens/roosters (with 14 chicks there's the good possiblity that we have at least 2 roosters) are going to be, but it'll be a fun adventure to figure it out.

Livvy and Sammy gathering up the 8 new peeps.

A full house.
Here's our favorite little peep, Blue, sleeping in Tom's hands.

We had playgroup here this morning, so all the kids got a chance to pet and hold the little peeps.

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