Friday, May 23, 2008

Cutlip's Handy-Man-Special least, that's what it was listed as on the MLS. For us, though, it was an answer to prayer and the beginning of much dreaming (not that we needed a whole lot of encouragement in that area). The address is 6150 E Peaks Parkway. It's a little over 20 minutes from downtown Flagstaff in an area called Fernwood Estates. It is an 1150 sq ft, three bedroom, one bath, one car garage home sitting on one acre of prime weeds and dirt. We thought it was perfect!!

Phase one of the dream starts with remodeling the existing to make it a 1353 sq ft, three bedroom, one bath home (with a huge kitchen if I might add - oh, I can't wait!!). Phase two is a 1335 sq ft addition of a two car garage plus workshop, laundry/pantry on the lower level with three bedrooms, two baths, and game room on the upper level. The final and third phase of the dream is to open up two of the existing downstairs bedrooms into a school/play room with lots of storage... making the finished project a 2688 sq ft, four bedroom, three bath, two car garage, plus workshop, home that will suit our every need (as far as we can dream them to be right now). We're so excited!!

Did I mention that we're doing all the work ourselves...well, Tom and his dad are doing most of the work (I'm too pregnant to be of any real assistance). My parents and some other friends are also on the list of people that are working hard to help make this dream a reality. We will move in July 8th - at which time I'm assured phase one will be finished so that there won't be too many things for two small children to get into and we can bring home baby sometime around July 18th. Oh boy, life is definitely an adventure!

Come and visit! If you come now, though, you'll be put to work and will most likely be sleeping on some form of concrete or dirt. If you wait a year, or two (who really knows), you'll have your own private room with lots of room for any children that you may have. Check in every once in a while...I'll be posting pictures as things happen.

Here's the house as it is:

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