Saturday, June 21, 2008

God Is So Good!

So, Tom's been woking M, W, and F evenings after work at the hospital; and then he works all day Sat.'s. Tom's dad Jim goes out M-Sat to work on the house (lest you think we're working Dad too hard, we did tell him he could take another day off besides Sun, but he doesn't seem to want to).

Tomorrow they will have the electrical stuff inspected so Tom and Dad are working hard to get all of that in place. If they pass inspection, they can start putting drywall up. I haven't taken any pictures recently because you can't really see anything - well...I guess I could go take some pictures of some loose wires hanging around,

We did get the windows and the rest of the kitchen cabinets in (we're using most of the existing cabinetry (it was only two years old) and just adding to it) so they're ready and waiting for the guys..."Go boys! Go!"

We're on a fairly tight budget with this project; and because we're on a budget, we knew we had to buy used appliances (the house had been stripped of appliances by the time the bank was taking ownership of it). I was seriously picturing 20-year-old appliaces, all different colors and conditions, draining our electricity and water, in my/our kitchen and laundry room. The Lord had something much much better in mind! Through the Phoenix craigslist (and my parents' time and eyes) we've pretty much bought all of our appliances (GE fridge, gas stove, dw and whirlpool washer and dryer) for under $1000 ($975 to be exact). All we need now is the above the range microwave, which I've seen them for as low as $35 (I wonder is we could get him to knock it down to $25?) All of the appliances are 3-years old, the right color, style/type and even energy star. How cool is that?! God is so good!

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