Sunday, November 23, 2008

Livvy's Birthday & More

Well, we're officially parents of a 4-year-old. I'm not quite sure what that's going to mean, but that's what we have. It's still a little unbelievable. Where, oh where did the time go (don't our mothers always say stuff like that? maybe it's not just old-age to blame)? Livvy had a grand time on her actual birth day and at her birthday party. On Thur (the actual day), my mom came up with my Aunt Shirl. We had homemade pizza and opened some presents. That night Tom took Livvy out on her first date-with-dad (I think we're starting a tradition). She got all fancied-up and Tom took her to China Star Buffet - "They have shrimps!"

Yesterday, we had some of Livvy's little girlfriends over. They got dressed up, had snacks, decorated pink crowns, danced to princess music, and ate birthday cake. Nice, simple, and all Livvy favorites. I even made a doll/princess cake. I was a little frustrated with not getting the icing cake-free, but I'm glad I made it. Next time it'll be better. I guess what really matters is that Livvy liked it - I bet she didn't even notice the little chocolate flecks in the doll's dress.

Saturday night we had our good friends the Castles over for dinner. Here's Livvy and Sammy with their daughter Anneliese. And the next picture is of Ben and their 8-month-old Elijah.

On Friday Ben turned 4-months old. He's really not doing anything particularly new, but...He's just a really good baby. Loves to just hang out, be held, of course, and loves Livvy and Sammy. They can really make him giggle. I guess the biggest thing is that 3 nights ago he slept a little over 8 hours!! Not that he repeated the same the last two nights (darn it!) but we're getting closer. Usually he wakes still once during the night and he whimpers a little and then goes back to sleep. But, since he's in our room, we, or at least I, hear it. I used to get up and give him a binki until I realized he was developing a bit of a habit, so we decided to let him cry (he's a chunk! I know he's hungry). For a little more than a week now he just goes back to sleep on his own and is starting to show that he's over the habit and will sleep through without even waking - yeah!!!

After church yesterday, we had some other friends, the Baughs with their 2 boys Alex and Hunter, over for lunch. After eggs, bacon and pancakes we gave Jackson and Ruthy the tour of the addition (what's done so far at least) and the kids found some mud to play in - how typical.

The guys are still working on the siding. It's turing out to be quite a lengthy process. They have the SW side toally completed, up to the top of the windows in the front done and are currently working on the NW side (which "should" be the easiest side to do - but anytime you say that around here, it usually takes several days more than anticipated).

Well, that's all for now. Tonight we're going out to The Horseman's Lodge to eat to celebrate Pop-pop's birthday. He definitely deserves a big fine meal after all the hard work he's, he keeps blaming me for only serving him Mexican food and making him loose 40 something pounds. Anybody else need to loose weight? Come and live with us. Apparantly either my cooking is poor or Mexican food is so spicy that it makes the pounds just fall off. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Africa

This past Friday we took the day off and went down to Out of Africa down in Camp Verde. We all had such a good time. They have a really nice setup to see all the animals and they have some animal encounter programs where you get up-close and personal. The kids loved feeding a giraffe, petting snakes, watching tigers play and splash in water, feeding a tiger, and petting an iguana (well, Livvy got to pet the iguana, Sammy had to be removed from the scene for screaming at the top of his lungs - oh, I was so embarassed!). Here are some highlight pix:

Livvy and Sammy feeding Liberty the tiger.

Baby Ben just hanging out.
Nice kitty, kitty.

Grammie and Pop-pop watching the snakes from afar.

Ben and I on the safari bus.

Sammy and Livvy feeding a giraffe a carrot.

Tom and the kids on the safari bus.
Livvy giving the iguana some loves.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...I'm sitting here eating Cheerios and drinking some cranberry-blueberry juice (nursing makes me hungry and thirsty). The kids are napping. Grammie is napping. Maybe I should be napping, but...I've never been a good napper, ask my mom. The guys are outside putting up the first of the siding. It's a beautiful Arizona winter day here in Flagstaff; the sky is bright blue, the air is relatively warm for Novemeber and there's an ever so slight breeze blowing that's making the wind chimes sound. Ahhh. So wonderful. Life is good. God is good. I feel so blessed!

Uh oh... I here noises. Sammy's up. I better post some pictures quick before the rest of them wake up. Now Livvy's up. They want juice and Cheerios too. OK, so now we all have Cheerios and juice and Sammy's siting on my lap (please forgive any typos, I can't see the keyboead or the screen very well anymore). Aaaaah. Now I here Ben crying. What happend to my nivce peaceful moment? Oh bother. Life is so wonderful. God is so good. I feel so blessed.

So, before I rescind my previosu statement and one of these little blessings start crying or whining, here are some pictures from this weekend. My paretns were up helping again and we got a lot of stuff done and had some fun too.

It's wrapped! WE're almost dried in, only siding and windows to go.

Us ladies emptied the Bleeker's Boxes and put all of our stuff in the attic and garage. The boxes are gone and our yard is free again.

First snow

We went to the Aquatic Center on MOnday

My boys

Grammie gave Pop-pop a haircut

Well... now it's time to go feed baby Ben. He's done being patient.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkins, Apples and Costumes

With fall comes traditions. The most common of traditions is the carving of pumpkins. For the past 5 years we've carved pumpkins with the college students in our Bible studies. This year however, we're not doing our college Bible study (we do miss them!), so we were left to carve pumpkins on our own. Due to Tom's broken elbow, Tom did the picture taking and I carved the pumpkins with the kids (well, they didn't do any carving but they did have fun getting all the ickies out of the pumpkins). Livvy wanted her pumpkin to be a princess, Sammy wanted a truck and Tom designed a dinosaur for Ben. It was fun.

For the past 3 years we've made candy apples - Tom's favorite. This year Livvy and Sammy helped out...a little. They were delicious as usual.

On Thurs we got the kids dressed up (Livvy as a ballerina, Sammy as a pilot, and Ben as a monkey) and took some of the candy apples to our neighbors. We successfully delivered apples to 2 out of the 3 neighbors before they found out kids typically get treats on Halloween. Our neighbor Kelly asked if they wanted candy and Livvy looked at me like, "Really? Why? Why is she asking us if we would like candy?" So, I fessed up and told them the truth. Even after trick-or-treating down in Phx Fri night at a couple of my parents' neighbors (we brought the neighbors cookies), they have no clue that most people just get treats, not give. I think we've come up with a new tradition.