Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Year

July 8th was our one year anniversary for moving into this house! I still love the story of how God blessed us with this house (to read about it go back to the first posts, May of 2008) and this opportunity to really build a home. The guys, mostly Dad C, with help from Tom, my dad, and an assortment of other friends, have really done a lot. I can hardly wait to see the rest come together.

Today the guys hung a beam for the stairs and are currently installing the frame for the pocket door into the laundry room. Dad C has been getting furring strips in place on the existing house so that they can add siding to it this coming week or next weekend. Fun, fun, fun!

If you look really closely at the front porch, you can see Sammy watering the front rocks. I didn't quite see what he was up to until after I got the picture...boys!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Last night we had to bury our favorite little chicken Blue. We'd been noticing that she was a little smaller than the other chickens and she seemed a little slow the last couple of times we went out there. We don't know exactly what caused her to die, but we're sad she's gone. We know that she was just a chicken, but she was our favorite...and we did give her a name. We've been told that it's not the best idea to name your chickens, especially if you plan on eating them. We kinda had the idea that we would never eat Blue, we were looking forward to seeing how big and fluffy she would get. Livvy took it pretty hard, asking why God let Blue die and not one of the other chickens. Sometimes you just don't know why God does things, but we do know that God works all things for good to those who love Him...even the death of a little chicken.