Thursday, September 30, 2010

Car Talk

When we're in the car driving somewhere, anywhere, it usually takes at least 20 minutes one way.  During that time the radio is typically off, it just starts all sounding like noise to me, and the kids are happily chatting away or quietly watching the sites go by.  When there is the chattering of children, it's usually something like this:

Ben: singing, "Na, na, na...  NAH!"

Livvy, as Belle Polly pocket, to Sammy, as blue-guy Power Ranger:

"Hey, Honey.  Can we go and adopt some children today?  They are in an orphanage because their parents couldn't take care of them."

"Sure, Honey.  Let me kill these bad guys first and then we can go."

"Okay, sounds good.  I hope there are no bad guys at the orphanage."

"Don't worry, honey.  I'll protect you."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camp Out

Sometime back in the beginning of summer we talked about going camping with the kids over the Labor Day weekend.  Tom had Monday off from work and took Tues and today (Wed) off so that we could take a break and go have some fun. 

Well...when it just came down to it, we decided against it.  Tom was/is feeling pressure to get our "C of O" (certificate of occupancy) before the end of Sept when our building permit expires.  So, he decided to take the time to work on the house.  And, honestly, I didn't want to go.  As it is I'm not sleeping well.  Being almost 11 weeks pregnant I'm getting up 2-3 times a night to pee - the whole kidneys working over-time beginning pregnancy thing.  I knew I wouldn't have any fun because I wouldn't be able to sleep.

So, anyway, sorry for the long explanation, we had a camp out in our own back yard.  Tues night we had a bonfire and the kids got to eat marshmallows. 

Yesterday the kids and I set up the tent about 20 feet from our back door.  The kids were so excited about sleeping in it, they crawled in the tent ready to go to bed by 7pm (their bed time is usually between 7:45 and 8pm).  I crawled in with them, read them a couple of stories and then lay there until they fell asleep...about an hour and a half later - too many fun things and noises to distract them.

I had told them ahead of time that I would not be joining them in the tent for the whole night, I would be sleeping in my own comfortable bed.  I think they thought that I was being a little silly or a little "princesie" about it (or maybe that was just me), but they didn't give me too hard of a time for it.  I told them that Tom would join them in the tent after he was down working on the house - which didn't end up being until 3am.  Poor guy, the kids were awake by 6:30am happily jumping all over him.

Maybe next year we'll really go camping.  Until then, back yard camp outs are really fun and easy.


Most of our little tadpoles have become frogs!  Some are still froglets and only a couple are still tadpoles.  They have one by one over night popped out rear legs and then front legs.  And I do mean pop.  I thought that their legs would just grow from little tiny buds, etc.  But, literally, we'd go to bed at night after looking at them and then in the morning one or two would have fully formed little back legs.  Very fun to watch God's amazing animals change in front of our eyes.

Another One

Before this year I had never been to a funeral, memorial service or anything close to it.  When my grandparents passed away, time, travel, event, and/or location never made it possible or necessary for me to attend. 

This year, though, I've been to three.  Three memorial services for three very loved and wanted babies...  babies who were known before their birth to have some sort of malformation that made them "incompatible with life".

First there was our own little Noah Tobias in April.  Then Emma Grace in June.  On Tues the big kids and I went to support the family of Sarah Faith as they said goodbye.  As we released balloons for Sarah (and for Noah), we said a little prayer that seems very appropriate to say for all three of these very loved little ones:

Shalom, Noah, Emma and Sarah
Nothing broken
Nothing wrong